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Personal Information

As a natural part of Palads Hotel Viborg's activities and the marketing of Palads Hotel Viborg, personal data of our guests and visitors to our website are processed.

It is Palads Hotel Viborg's policy that there should be transparency about this processing.

This policy, therefore, describes how Palads Hotel Viborg processes the personal data collected in connection with your stay at Palads Hotel Viborg and through the use of our website

It is Palads Hotel Viborg, Sct. Mathiasgade 5, DK-8800 Viborg, that is responsible for the collection and processing of personal data described in this policy.

Palads Hotel Viborg collects, stores, and processes personal data about you in connection with your visit to Palads Hotel Viborg and the use of our website. You will always be informed when your personal data is being collected. These personal data often include name, address, email address, phone number, date of birth, credit information, and information about your stay at Palads Hotel Viborg, preferences, consumption, etc.

When providing information, it will always be stated whether the provision is voluntary or necessary for the desired action, such as booking a hotel stay.

The information is primarily collected directly from you, but we may also receive information from other sources, including independent booking service providers.

Palads Hotel Viborg processes personal information about you for the following purposes:

Booking Hotel Stays:

In order to complete hotel stay bookings, Palads Hotel Viborg processes your information to fulfill the agreement. For example, we may request your email address to send you a receipt for your purchase. When you book stays through our websites, your credit card information is processed by our payment provider.

Staying at Palads Hotel Viborg:

Palads Hotel Viborg processes and retains information about you in connection with your stay with us and to provide you with the services you have ordered. We collect and process your information so that we can offer you the best experience during your stay at Palads Hotel Viborg and provide the best possible service for future stays. In some cases, we may be required to request identification, such as a passport, for documentation.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys:

If you have provided your email address when booking your stay at Palads Hotel Viborg, we may, in some cases, send you an email after your stay with a link to a customer satisfaction survey. We process your responses to improve our services.

Marketing and Newsletters:

With your prior consent, Palads Hotel Viborg may process your personal information to send emails and newsletters from Palads Hotel Viborg, including information about current member benefits, offers, event information, and discounts on Palads Hotel Viborg. If you no longer wish to receive these emails and newsletters, you can unsubscribe by emailing or using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter.

Use of Facebook Pixels:

We use Facebook pixels to collect data about your behavior on our website. The purpose of this collection is to target our marketing on Facebook to visitors who have also visited our website and have a Facebook profile. This processing is based on Palads Hotel Viborg's legitimate interest in showing you relevant offers and news.


Palads Hotel Viborg conducts video surveillance on its premises for the purpose of preventing crime and ensuring the safety of our guests. Signs indicating areas under video surveillance are displayed. Recordings will only be accessed and reviewed in case of suspected criminal activity or for internal/external control. In case of criminal activities or suspicion thereof, recordings may be disclosed to the police or as required by law.

Customer Service and Communication:

When you contact customer service or communicate with Palads Hotel Viborg in any other way, we collect and process the information you provide to handle your inquiries. We encourage you not to disclose sensitive personal information to us unless strictly necessary for the purpose of your inquiry. In such cases, the information should be sent in highly encrypted form if submitted via email.

Website Usage: Palads Hotel Viborg has access to information about visitors to the website, their use of the website, and its features, including:

  • Pages visited, when, and for how long
  • User behavior
  • Browser type
  • IP address.

The collected data is used to improve the website. We also use data on all our users' navigation to understand how our users as a whole use the website and to try to make it better.

Other Purposes:

In addition to the above purposes, Palads Hotel Viborg may also process your personal information to comply with legal requirements or to establish, assert, or defend legal claims.


Disclosure of your personal information to third parties may occur if you have given consent for such disclosure. Furthermore, disclosure may occur if it is necessary to fulfill an agreement in which you are a party, such as when booking a trip. Under certain circumstances and in accordance with the law, it may be necessary to disclose personal information to public authorities or the police. For example, information may be disclosed to the police in cases of suspected credit card fraud.

In some cases, Palads Hotel Viborg may share your personal information with its suppliers who provide services on behalf of Palads Hotel Viborg, such as sending newsletters and loyalty programs. These suppliers only process personal information on behalf of Palads Hotel Viborg and in accordance with Palads Hotel Viborg's instructions, and thus cannot process personal information for their own purposes.

You can withdraw any consent you may have given to Palads Hotel Viborg at any time. We will then delete the personal information unless we can continue processing it on another legitimate basis. However, revoking your consent may result in us no longer being able to offer the same products and services to you.

Revocation of consent for our newsletter can be done via the unsubscribe link directly in the communication.

You have the right to access the information that Palads Hotel Viborg processes about you and the purposes for which the information is processed. You also have the right to object to the processing of your personal data, including profiling, and the right to request correction, deletion, or blocking of information that is incorrect, misleading, or otherwise processed in violation of the law, or to request the restriction of processing.

Additionally, in certain cases, you have the right to receive the personal data that Palads Hotel Viborg has registered in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format and to have this information transmitted to another data controller.

If you wish to exercise any of these rights, you can contact:

Palads Hotel Viborg Sct. Mathiasgade 5 DK-8800 Viborg

Email: Phone: +45 98 44 11 31

Palads Hotel Viborg places great importance on treating all personal information confidentially and ensuring that the information is only handled by employees who have been instructed on how to process personal data to prevent its destruction or unauthorized access.

Palads Hotel Viborg ensures the necessary updating of stored information so that personal data are always accurate.

Your personal data will be deleted when it is no longer necessary for Palads Hotel Viborg to process or store them for the purposes mentioned above or based on another legitimate purpose, including compliance with applicable laws or for establishing, exercising, or defending legal claims.

Recordings from video surveillance for crime prevention will be deleted or anonymized no later than 30 days after the recording took place, unless it is necessary for Palads Hotel Viborg to retain the recordings for the purpose of handling a specific dispute, such as the investigation of criminal or other unlawful activities. Recordings from video surveillance for other purposes will be deleted when they no longer serve a legitimate purpose for retaining the information.

The information may also be stored longer in anonymized form, meaning it will no longer be possible to relate the information to you.

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